Project: Somewhat Portable DIY Hangboard Mount


Here's a hangboard mount I built with an Iron Gym Pull-up Bar and some plywood.  It's similar to the Blank Slate, with some advantages and disadvantages vs. the Blank Slate, which I will detail further in a separate post in the future (along with schematics and instructions).  For now -- pictures!

UPDATE: Part 2 here.

2 comments on "Project: Somewhat Portable DIY Hangboard Mount "

  1. What are the hanging weights in the picture for? Do you use them to take off weight & if so the how?

    1. Hi Yasmin,

      You guessed right -- the weights reduce body weight when hanging. A similar pulley setup can be seen here:

      You just have to wear a harness and clip the rope end to the belay loop. The pulley with the counterweight will take weight off. My setup is not ideal since the weight is right in front of you and can swing/bump into you while you're hanging, but I didn't have room to make a setup like the picture above. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.